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Launching a HALO Dynamic Responsive Website is like you executing a Mag Change — fast, efficient, and necessary to stay in the fight.
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Not all websites are created equal. Having a website for the sake of having a website will not allow you to accomplish goals.

We know websites.

We started our agency building websites for clients who had objectives. We build websites that have a purpose. We build effective websites that not only work, but become the foundation for your brand and engage your customers. We’ve learned the hard lessons. The result of which is this — our Dynamic Responsive Website (DRW) platform.

We understand that your business and its customers have expectations. We also understand that what might work for you today is not necessarily what will work for you in the future. You need the ability to grow and adapt, yet, you need a reliable and stable solution. With our DRW platform, you will get that balance point with the highest level of results. Our framework will allow you to launch promotions, landing pages, and even rebrand the entire site quickly and efficiently. We will also provide you with all of the performance metrics and data points to help measure the results of our efforts. Yes, we want you to be able to track us. We want you to be able to hold us accountable. We will build your DRW, customize the user experience, and ensure that it is airtight and secure with an SSL certificate and cloud hosting.


Its common for website providers to offer a content management system (CMS). This is usually a login that will allow you to manage your website, and includes the ability to update banners on your homepage, add or remove pages to and from the site and menu, and update your staff and business hours. We have taken a different approach and developed a more customized and comprehensive solution that we call the Business Management Platform (BMP).

Our BMP goes so much further than simple website updates. It takes your unique operational aspects into account. Our BMP pairs the entirety of your website, internal and external communications, CRM, eCommerce, scheduling of staff and customers, membership management, point-of-sale reporting, business revenue, and any third-party applications into a single platform. The BMP integrated with HALO will change your business.

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compute screens with example website
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